Friday, November 21, 2008

Snap Crackle & Pop

This piece strangely seemed appropriate to post today. I actually created this over the summer when I was having problems with my knee. Whenever I take time off from running, the tendonitis seems to flare up as I begin to build up my miles. It's quite frustrating because the only thing that seems to help is lots of ice, Advil, and patience.

So, I'm definitely not a stranger to injury. I've injured/had problems with nearly every bone, muscle, tendon, and joint from the 5th metatarsal to the groin in my ten years of running. Today is a big day, actually. It is the first day I'm allowed to be off my crutches from my current stress fracture. Assuming today is pain-free, I only have four short weeks until I'm on the roads running again. Let's  just hope the knee doesn't act up again...