Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yuko Shimizu(Red)

Okay, that title doesn't really work. But WOW was I surprised to walk into the Gap and find Yuko Shimizu's artwork on their t-shirts. Not only on shirts, but part of the Project (RED) campaign to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS in Africa. First of all, I'm really happy to see illustrators and designers being so involved in such a global epidemic, and also, just congrats to Yuko for contributing.

It's not just Yuko, though. Other illustrators and designers have their work on the (RED) shirts including illustrator/designer Mike Perry, illustrator Steve Wilson, artist Jess Rotter, graphic artist Supermundane (Rob Lowe), illustrator/designer Si Scott and illustrator Hiroshi Tanabe. You can check out many (but unfortunately not all) of the shirts here and purchase them here (or at your local Gap retail store).

This is just another example of why I want to steal Yuko's career. In high school I used to work at the Gap. Maybe I can call them up and see if I can pull some strings to be in the next run of shirts. Don't hold your breath...

and PS, please forgive the poor camera phone photo...