Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tasmanian Print Exchange

I've had the unique opportunity to take part in a print exchange with 9 other American arts and 10 graduate students from the University of Tasmania. The exchange required me to create an edition of 22 prints 5"x7" in dimension, of any media and subject matter Once collected each artist will get a print from each other artist, and the remaining 2 sets will go on display in the US and Tasmania.

I've been super excited about this for several reasons. First, I feel so honored to be asked. Second, it's been a lot of fun to get to back into printing. And third, This is the first time my work will be displayed abroad. I don't have details on when or where the shows will be held because they're still forming, but I'll definitely let you all know.

The piece I've created is a continuation of the running/body series I began in my thesis. It's a reinterpretation of the One Track Mind drawing from earlier in the year. This time I've connected the "shoe brain" directly to the body's nervous system. I really love the way it's turned out!

I can thank Hilary Lorenz for this awesome opportunity. I met Hilary through running and she was a guest lecturer for one of my classes at SVA. She's quite the accomplished printmaker (and runner!). She had an amazing experience in Tasmania, through a residency at the University of Tasmania, and currenly teaches at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York.