Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Drawing Zsolt - 06/02/13

SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIALLY STARTED! And so has my share in the Fire Island Pines. It was beautiful on the beach last weekend. It was the perfect start to the season -- good friends, good food, and good drawings.

Last week was the second week (the first I could attend) for Pines Nude Drawing, the drawing group that meets almost weekly in the Pines. This week, we had a great model named Zsolt with very classic heroic features. I love the red and blue ballpoint pen drawings I captured of him. I need to do more of those in the weeks to come.

I'm so excited for the summer and for more poolside/beachside drawing! Also, if you're interested in drawing or posing email info@pinesnudedrawing.com for more information!