Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Website Update

Lots of things going on these days! Look for a lot of posts coming up. I'm really excited about a project that hits newsstands in August. I'll definitely be posting about it right away!

In light of all the work I've been doing, I decided that it was past due for me to update my website--in particular, the Design page. Many of these projects were already listed on the site, but I've finally taken the time to flesh some of them out adding many new pictures and brief project descriptions. Of note, I've divided the projects by type and added Jean-Paul Viguier: Cool Models, Covergirl, and various logo concepts to the list. The Illustration page remains mostly the same, with the addition of new projects.

There's still some work to be done, though. Some of the project descriptions could still use a little work and I'll hopefully be adding a project or two more, shortly.

So, please go check it out and remember to visit the About page and Like me on Facebook!