Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! I know I'm a little late but I've been out of town celebrating Christmas with my family in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I just got back into NYC today and wanted to share a little project I worked on over my break. This Christmas I decided that I would record my Christmas in pictures. So, throughout the holiday I carried my sketchbook with me and took time to sketch some of the memories.

As it does for so many of us, Christmas began with the task of getting home. The first image I drew in Penn Station in New York, waiting for Amtrak to announce the gate of my train. Not only was this project a great exercise to keep myself working over the break, but it was also a great way to keep myself from getting bored... It actually worked a little too well, though. I missed the station announcing my train and nearly missed my ride home!

All was well, though, and I made it safely to my seat as the train left the station on it's way to PA. I was worried for a bit this second image wouldn't get made. As I sat down and pulled out my sketchbook, the person sitting next to me asked about my work. We ended talking all the way to Philadelphia about art and the growing acceptance of digital work in the Gallery scene. It was one of the most pleasant rides I've had on Amtrak. Figures it would happen when I had grand plans for the trip!

Luckily for my project, my friend exited in Philly and I was free to draw for the second leg of the trip.

The next montage I have to admit I drew from Christmas Eve photographs. There's no way to capture on paper a toddler at Christmas. Seriously. This little lady is my niece. Christmas was all about her this year. Last year she was only 10 months at Christmas, so this year was the first she was able to open her own gifts and everyone was sure to spoil her. She could not have been more excited (or cute).

The third image of her is after two gifts (in her right hand you can see the Minnie Mouse I gave her). At his point she's debating how to reach back into her stocking an pull out gift three, without putting down gifts one and two. I swear, funniest thing ever.

Christmas Day!!! We spend Christmas day at my aunt's house because of her giant kitchen (shown above). Pretty much everyones shows up at Vicki's and we have a huge feast. There was so much food this year I couldn't fit everything on one plate! I decided this year that if for going back for "seconds" you don't actually get anything that you got in the first round, it should still count as the first round. Although by that standard, I didn't make it to "thirds" this year as I usually do, unless you count the baked brie appetizer or the whole table of desserts... Anyway, there's a lot of food.

The next two images are post dinner. Basically they're capturing everyone falling into their "food coma." Following the "food coma" all the kids start running around like crazy from all the energy they've just absorbed and everyone else just tries to keep up. More presents were exchanged, football was watched, snacks were had and merriment was all around.

Unfortunately, this is where the images end. Turns out, I didn't adequately prepare for this little project and didn't notice I only had a few pages left in my sketchbook. :( Things that happened this Christmas vacation that missed capturing:
- Times with old friends
- Sam the oversized black lab with his oversized Christmas gift dog bone
- My friend's new engagement ring!
- The process of cleaning out my old room at my mom's (Three bags of clothes for Goodwill, two boxes of toys and books, one bag of recycled magazines/newspapers, and Five black trash bags full of crap!)
- Penn Station, Harrisburg
-Also, to round things out, I would have liked to draw the train ride back to NYC, but that wouldn't have happened anyway since I slept the whole way...

I guess I'll have to try again next year!

I hope everyone had as an amazing Christmas as I did and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!