Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Check Out The New JohnMacConnell.com!

YOU BIG JOHN MACCONNELL FANS (MOM), may have noticed a few things have changed around here. I'm very excited to announce the launch of the new JohnMacConnell.com! The site still showcases my professional illustration and graphic design work but has some new sections I'm very excited to tell you about.

I've been spending the last few months connecting and working with local artists. To showcase the work, I've added a Fine Art section. The pages hold many of my favorite pieces as well as many of my drawings and sketches. Also, it gives you the opportunity to see some of the commissions I've done for clients and friends. Please consider commissioning something for yourself, if you see something you like!

If you don't need that one of a kind portrait of Fluffy the poodle, but still want a John MacConnell original in you home, check out the new Shop! I can't describe how excited I am to be selling work directly off my website. Currently, the store is filled with figure drawings and paintings but I hope to be selling more items, with greater variety, soon. Orders have already started coming in, and it's been a big rush for me to fulfill them. If you're on a budget, I do have some FREE items. Download a desktop image for your computer!

Last, but not least, is a new Blog for my website. I've been able to migrate the majority of this site into the new blog and have already been posting in it. Unfortunately, that means that this blog's days are numbered. Currently, I'm posting everything on both. I will continue the double posting for the next several months, but probably not forever. This site will stay up as an archive. I'll be sure to do a full post to let you know when I'll stop updating this site.

All of this is showcased in fancy parallax scrolling pages. I created the site myself, using the the new Squarespace 6. While it took a little while to learn all the in-and-outs of the Squarespace software, I really have to say, it's a great way to make a site. I highly recommend it! And if you need a little design help, you know who to call. ;)

I hope you take the time to look though the new site. And feel free to say, "Hello!"